Catastrophic personal injury is that general area of law that deals with compensating people who have suffered injury and damages due to the negligence of another. Catastrophic injuries are typically just that – disastrous for the victim and his or her family and can inevitably impact every aspect of their lives including compromising their financial stability because their injuries prevent them from returning to work. These types of injuries can require long term care, cause permanent pain and disability and greatly reduce your quality of life.

Catastrophic personal injury law also encompasses those cases that ultimately result in the wrongful death of an individual. Catastrophic personal injury law can focus on such areas as: transportation (for example, aviation, railroad or automobile), maintenance of property (premises liability), medical care and treatment, other professional services, construction negligence, and product liability, among others. In personal injury cases, the law holds that where a person suffers injury because an individual or corporation has failed to act with reasonable care, or within the standard of care, that negligent individual or corporation must answer to the injured person in money damages.

Hurst Boleky LLC maintains and applies strict standards in evaluating potential personal injury cases. Potential cases must have both substantial injury and actionable negligence under the law. Whenever necessary, Hurst Boleky LLC consults highly qualified expert witnesses from institutions across the country and around the world to assist in the evaluation and prosecution of a personal injury claim. Hurst Boleky LLC’s knowledge and understanding of the legal and medical issues are great assets in discovering relevant and important facts and, ultimately, presenting the case to a jury.

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