$1.5 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement for death of 3-year-old boy from meningitis

Sep 23 2019

The 3-year-old child developed a fever in the early morning hours of Halloween and was taken by his parents to the local hospital’s Emergency Department. Vitals signs indicated an elevated blood pressure and increased heart rate upon admission to the ED, along with an elevated temperature. No septic work-up was initiated and no blood test, urine culture or x-ray was performed prior to discharge. In the afternoon after his discharge, his parents tried to feed the him some soup and he vomited, and then developed a high fever, so his parents brought him to their family practice physician, who examined him and recommended Tylenol and Pedialyte. The boy vomited 2 more times after this visit. Early in the morning on the next day, the boy again developed a high fever, was having difficulty breathing and could not stand on his own while being dressed. His parents again took him to the hospital Emergency Department. After several hours in the ED, he became cyanotic. Attempts to transfer the child to a pediatric intensive care unit proved too late and the child died later that day as a result of overwhelming meningitis. The boy was survived by his parents and 4 siblings.