$1 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement for death of a retired Chicago Police Sergeant as a result of alleged negligence of cardiologist in failing to address patient’s pericardial effusion

Sep 05 2017

The estate of a deceased father of two adult children alleged the patient, a 67-year-old retired Chicago Police Sergeant, died as a result of the failure of defendant, Virendra Bisla, M.D., to timely diagnose and treat the patient’s known pericardial effusion. Although the defendant, Dr. Bisla, was aware, from an CT scan ordered by the defendant and performed at the defendant’s medical practice, that the patient was suffering from a 3.0 cm pericardial effusion and was on the blood thinner, Coumadin, the defendant failed to discontinue or reduce the amount of Coumadin the patient was taking and failed to refer the patient for definitive care of the pericardial effusion which allegedly resulted in cardiac tamponade and death of the patient. The defendant settled the case for the full extent of his liability insurance.