$2 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement against orthopedic surgeon for disability and disfigurement resulting from mishandled leg fracture

Sep 05 2017

Plaintiff, a 43-year-old male, suffered a severely comminuted tibial plateau leg fracture following a fall from a ladder while working at home. He was subsequently treated with surgery by the defendant orthopedic surgeon who performed an internal fixation utilizing hardware several days after the patient had initially presented to defendant. It was alleged the negligence of the orthopedic surgeon in delaying performance of the definitive repair, operating in the face of a likely infection, improperly performing the internal fixation and subsequently mishandling the surgical infection, resulted in severe deformity to the patient’s leg, continuing knee pain, and necessitated several surgical procedures including skin grafting and a muscle flap repair. Plaintiff’s counsel retained one of the world’s foremost experts on tibial plateau leg fractures. The defense settled the case for the full extent of defendant’s liability insurance on the eve of trial following several years of litigation.