January, 2013

May 25 2017

BEUTEL HURST BOLKEY LLC obtains a settlement of $650,000.00, during trial in a Wrongful Death case of a 67-year-old male bicycle rider who struck a drop gate (i.e., a short metal post) on a local municipality’s bicycle path near his home. The drop gate had been placed in the middle of the bike path to prevent motor vehicles from travelling down the path but, it was alleged, created a hazardous condition on the bicycle path. This incident is nearly identical to another case Thomas Boleky handled in 2005, which resulted in a settlement of $2.5 million, involving a 42-year-old woman who sustained severe neurological injuries after the bike she was riding struck a similarly designed drop gate on a bicycle path a nearby suburb.

BEUTEL HURST BOLKEY LLC opens their new offices at 350 North LaSalle, Suite 810. The new offices are conveniently located just north of the Chicago River near the historic Merchandise Mart.