June, 2012

May 25 2017

BEUTEL HURST BOLKEY LLC obtains a $1.2 million settlement on behalf of a young man who suffered mild traumatic brain injury and orthopedic fractures to his pelvis, cervical spine and ribs, after he lost control of his vehicle on an area expressway trying to avoid a tire tread that had separated from a tire on one of the defendant’s trucks and partially obstructed the roadway.

Thomas Boleky is nominated to serve as Chair of The Chicago Bar Association’s Judicial Evaluation Committee. The Judicial Evaluation Committee (JEC) of the CBA is a committee that has over 200 lawyer-volunteers who conduct investigations and evaluations of candidates for judicial offices and sitting judges seeking retention within Cook County. As a service to the public, the CBA reports the findings of the JEC for all elections through local media outlets as well as on the CBA’s website. The evaluations are designed to inform the public and the courts of the qualifications, independence and integrity of judicial candidates.