Nov 13 2019

A Special Man with a Huge Heart

Dr. Ernie W. Beutel, our partner and our friend, left us on November 8, 2019, for his Eternal Rest. A founding member of our firm, Ernie, as he was known by many, always considered our clients our patients, as he was guided by an unrelenting motivation to help people and to cure the infirm, as he had in his long and distinguished career as a physician and cardiothoracic surgeon, prior to his career in Law.

Ernie had an encyclopedic knowledge of numerous subjects, including Medicine, Movies, Music, Language, Literature, the Opera and History, to name a few, and was the smartest man most of us will ever know. Always quick with a hearty laugh, a kind word, or a particularly relevant anecdote, Ernie had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and was always learning and always experiencing life’s journey, as for him and his beloved wife, Paulie, “the journey was indeed the reward.”

Ernie was loyal, generous with his time, calm and patient in his demeanor, and always happy to impart some of the wealth of knowledge and experience he had accumulated along his incredible journey. The son of a Chicago “cop,” who became a surgeon, who became a lawyer, he always proudly made it known that “we are cops’ kids,” and therefore we do things with integrity and purpose and in the service of others.

Dr. Beutel enjoyed immense success and recognition in Medicine and then Law, being named a top surgeon in his first career as a physician, and a top lawyer in his second career in Law. Ernie helped countless people and families along his path, and was praying for other people until his last moments on earth. In addition to helping and caring for people, Ernie was most proud of his and Paulie’s two sons, Ernie and Andrew, as well as the time he spent in the United States Navy in service of his country.

Ernie was a kind, caring and generous soul and was truly bigger than life. He always stated of the firm bearing his name that “we are a small firm with a big heart.” Well, E, you were a truly special man with a huge heart and we love you and will miss you dearly. You lived a magnificent and distinguished life in the service of others and we hope and pray now for your Eternal Peace.

Ernie, I am proud to have known you and to have been your friend and partner. From the bottom of my heart, I will miss you my dear friend. Godspeed.

Brian Hurst
Ernie W. Beutel, M.D., J.D. (1946 – 2019)