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Attaining Success In Surgical Errors Claims

No one wants to think about what might go wrong during surgery. Unfortunately, things do go wrong. Sometimes these things are unexpected and unavoidable. That is part of life. Other times mistakes were made that could have been prevented. If a mistake was made and the patient was seriously harmed, then it’s time to talk to a lawyer about the next steps.
It is important to investigate whenever there are serious injuries or death during or after a surgical procedure. In cases of a surgical implement or another object being left behind or in a case of wrong site surgery, it is always in your best interest to speak with an attorney.

Types Of Surgical Errors

Medical mistakes can be caused by inexperience, poor communication, or the staff being overworked and exhausted. There are many ways the decisions and actions of a surgeon or the surgical staff can negatively impact the outcome of a procedure. Some of these include:

  • Operating on the wrong site
  • Failure to diagnose a medical condition
  • Damage of healthy organs during surgery
  • Patient mix-up
  • Preoperative sedation, anesthesia or management errors
  • Post-operative mistakes such as infection or hemorrhage

All surgeries carry some form of risk. Hospitals, doctors, surgeons and medical staff rarely admit they made a mistake. If you or a loved one was harmed during a surgical procedure or while giving birth, you most likely have questions. We can help you get the answers and accountability you deserve. Call the partners at Hurst Boleky LLC at 312-346-6800 and tell us your story.

A History Of Helping Victims Get Resolution

Partners Brian Hurst and Thomas Boleky have extensive experience and success in helping victims of medical malpractice find closure. Two of our achievements for clients include attaining a $12 million medical malpractice settlement for an injury suffered during a laparoscopic appendectomy that resulted in permanent disability. The family of our client pursued this claim after the patient, a husband and father, suffered two strokes and brain injury following the surgery.

We also were awarded an $8.7 million verdict for our client for a surgical mishap during an exploratory laparoscopy on a 26-year-old engineer. The previous case ended in a hung jury. We took the case and won. Our client had a history of pelvic pain. During an exploratory laparoscopy, a trocar was inserted too deeply, piercing an artery and vein, causing our client to lose an excessive amount of blood. Emergency surgery was needed to repair the damage. After a long recovery, our client was forced to give up her career.

Get The Answers You Need For The Closure You Seek

Was your injury caused by surgical negligence? The hospital and staff will likely not tell you, but we can find out. Call 312-346-6800 and speak to us about what happened. Get the answers and attention your issue requires so that you can move forward. You deserve to know what really happened. We have the skill and advocacy to find out. You can also reach out via email, and we will get in touch with you.